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Technology Development Section

We pursue technologies for next generation as a proof of a technologically oriented company.

R&D Laboratory

Frontline of our R&D activities

Our R&D laboratory has various testing equipments which include vertical loading machines, a servo pulse fatigue loading machine, a three way compression loading machine, an automatic controlling test machine, a large size versatile test machine as well as a massive reaction wall and reaction floor. All these equipments help our researchers examine mechanical, physical and chemical characters of materials and structures in pursuing new technologies.

PI-Slit Corrosion Protection

Economical corrosion protection method

PI-Slit method is one of Titanium ribbon anode grid type corrosion protection systems. Ribbon anode is placed in grooves cut though on concrete surface and sealed by pouring or injecting cement mortar. PI-Slit greatly reduces cost compared to conventional Titanium ribbon anode grid systems. Further cost reduction, improved setting of ribbons and expansion of the application is being pursued by our researchers.

Underpass Construction

Rapid & low cost underground retaining walls

Retaining walls formed by continuously driven H-shaped PC piles combined with top and bottom slab creates underpass box structure. H-shaped PC piles serve as final structure as well as temporary earth retaining structure during construction. It reduces construction cost and enables construction in vicinity of existing structures. Because it requires minimum work area, interruption to existing traffic and neighbor is also minimized.

Eco Tube (Slurry Pack and Decrease System)

Restriction and efficient use of soil with high water content

Eco Tube is used to pack soil sludge produced by construction activities. The permeable geotextile tube accelerates dewatering of sludge and makes them reusable for banking and filling. Eco Tube also encloses pollutes such as dioxin absorbed in polluted soils. It was jointly developed by Public Works Research Institute and private companies in Japan. P.S. Mitsubishi developed the original Slurry Pack and Decrease System on its own to be used in the process of filling waste into Eco Tube.

Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Concrete

Contribution to CO2 reduction and longevity

Blast furnace slag is a by-product of iron. Dense concrete microstructure created by latent hydraulic property of blast furnace slag limits salt intrusion, gives excellent long-term performance and makes concrete more sustainable. P.S. Mitsubishi pursues more effective use of the characteristics by improving production and construction of PCa members using the material. The photo shows a pretensioned hollow slab bridge using the material to improve salt resistance.

PSMIX Building System

Hybrid system contributes to cost reduction

The PSMIX building construction is a hybrid construction that combines the benefits of RC columns and steel beams. RC columns bear large longitudinal force and steel beams allow longer spans. Cost is effectively reduced in the construction of mass retail stores and logistic storage buildings. It acquired performance certification from General Building Research Corporation of Japan in 2010. We have improved the system further and revising the certification.

Artificial Ground

Structural land protects life from tsunami

Artificial land areas have been created to promote "environmental and hygienic fishing harbor development" in Japan. (Photo:Rausu Fishing Harbor) P.S. Mitsubishi is developing tsunami proof safe structural lands and elevated structure to protect life and assets as lessons learned from the catastrophic Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in 2011.

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