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Factory Section

We have a network of factories across Japan to fulfill needs for precast concrete.


JIS Girders Japanese Industrial Standards specify the Standards for precast girders which are widely used for road bridges. Hollow and non-hollow slab girders and T-shaped girders are specified in JIS. JIS girders are widely used for road bridges spanning up to 24 meters. Other applications beyond specified in JIS such as farm roads, pedestrian roads, platform and jetties are also common.
H-Shaped PC Pile H-shaped PC piles are PCaPC members developed for retaining wall construction. Because they serve as final structure as well as temporary retaining structure, it contributes to the great reduction in construction period. H-shaped PC piles have been applied to arious structures such as underpass crossings (SUT Method) , underground parking, regulating reservoirs as well as general retaining walls.
PC Deck Slab PC deck slab panels are prestressed concrete full-depth deck panels.
Production under high quality control at a factory offers excellent durability and rapid construction. PC deck slab for road bridges is specified in JIS from 2004.
As for civil engineering construction, PC deck slab is used for bridges. As for architectural construction, it is used for floors in complex housings, office buildings and so on.
Industrialized production of building members such as columns, beams and floors under a stable environment offers high quality and reduction in site work. The reduction of site waste is highly thought as an environmentally friendly construction. PCaPC members allow large spans between columns.
They are used for large indoor facilities, public facilities, office buildings and housing complexes which require large open indoor space.

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