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Overseas Section

P.S. Mitsubishi responses international needs. P.S. Mitsubishi expands its fields with its globally competitive technologies.

Colorado River Bridge [USA]

Completed in 2010, the 323m span concrete-steel composite arch bridge is the longest in this kind in North America. The challenging construction in front of historic Hoover Dam has received great attention all across the country.

Viaducts Section 403, MRT [Singapore]

P.S. Mitsubishi constructed the viaducts which consist of single span PC box girders at Jurong East on the east-west line of the Mass Rapid Transit in Singapore. The girders were produced on the ground at site and erected by special equipment.

Tanjung Priok Access Road Bridges [Indonesia] (Factory Product)

Tanjung Priok Port is an international port which is important to Indonesia and surrounding countries. The access road construction contributes to maintain its international competitiveness. KOBE supplied economical and esthetic PC U-girders.

Bridge No.326 National Road No.2 [Madagascar]

The bridge spanning 254.5m in length, 6m in width was built on National Road No.2 which goes along the east shore of the country. It is a four span continuous PC box girder bridge constructed by the cast-in-place balanced cantilever method.

PC Sheet Pile [Factory Product]

Since its introduction to the Southeast Asian market by us, PC sheet piles have been in high demand for river and marine bank protection, channels, drainage, and so on. The product has greatly contributed to the improvement of the infrastructure in the area.

Taiwan High Speed Rail Slab Track [Taiwan]

P.S. Mitsubishi manufactured about 25,000 precast concrete slab tracks for the high speed rail that runs 354km from Taipei to Kaohsiung. P.S. Mitsubishi provided its long time experience as a slab track producer for Japanese Shinkansen.

Dai Ninh Channel Tunnel Segments [Vietnam]

P.S. Mitsubishi manufactured the channel tunneling shield segments for Dai Ninh Hydraulic Power Plant near Dalat, a resort highland in Vietnam. As many as 5,248 ring segments for the 7km long tunnel were produced at the temporary facility.

Hidase Bridge [Ethiopia]

Hidase Bridge is built over the Blue Nile River on one of five main roads that spread from the national capital of Addis Ababa. P.S. Mitsubishi contributed to the construction of the superstructure of the 303m three span extradosed bridge.

New Mannar Bridge [Sri Lanka]

The new bridge spanning 157m in length links the Mannar Island to the main land. P.S. Mitsubishi was in charge of the construction of the superstructure of the six span PC composite I-girder bridge which had been longed by people living in the area.

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