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Works:Civil Engineering

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Hoover Dam Bypass Colorado River Bridge

2012 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award by American Society of Civil Engineers2012 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement Award by American Society of Civil Engineers
2010 Tanaka Award by Japan Society of Civil Engineers2010 Tanaka Award by Japan Society of Civil Engineers
2010 JPCEA awards (Outstanding Structures Award)2010 JPCEA awards (Outstanding Structures Award)
LocationHoover Dam Site on the Nevada/Arizona state boarder, USA
OwnerDepartment of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, USA
SpecsBridge length: 578m
Arch span: 323m
Total width: 26.8m
Structural typeSteel and concrete hybrid arch bridge

Colorado River Bridge is on the bypass highway in front of historic Hoover Dam.
The twin arch structure which consists of two parallel slender concrete arches connected together by eight steel struts was adopted for the first time in the world in order to reduce total weight and impact to earth movement. The longest concrete arch bridge in the North America was built using temporary pylons and cables. P.S. Mitsubishi contributed to the very challenging construction of the bridge under harsh desert environment through its subsidiary.

  • SummaryColoradoRiverBridgeisonthebypasshighwayinfrontofhistoricHooverDam.<br/>Thetwinarchstructurewhichconsistsoftwoparallelslenderconcretearchesconnectedtogetherbyeightsteelstrutswasadoptedforthefirsttimeintheworldinordertoreducetotalweightandimpacttoearthmovement.ThelongestconcretearchbridgeintheNorthAmericawasbuiltusingtemporarypylonsandcables.P.S.Mitsubishicontributedtotheverychallengingconstructionofthebridgeunderharshdesertenvironmentthroughitssubsidiary.
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