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Works:Civil Engineering

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Saruta River Bridge, Tomoe River Bridge

2009 Tanaka Award by Japan Society of Civil Engineers2009 Tanaka Award by Japan Society of Civil Engineers
2009 JPCEA awards (Outstanding Structures Award)2009 JPCEA awards (Outstanding Structures Award)
LocationShizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
OwnerCentral Nippon Expressway Company Limited
SpecsBridge length:
-Saruta (Eastbound) 610m (Westbound) 625m
-Tomoe (Eastbound) 479m (Westbound) 479m
-Saruta (Eastbound) 48.5m+2x90.0m+100.0m
-Saruta (Westbound) 63.5m+2x90.0m+100.0m
-Tomoe (Eastbound) 59.5m+3x119.0m+59.5m
-Tomoe (Westbound) 57.0m+3x119.0m+62.0m
16.5m (Effective width)
Structural typePC continuous rigid frame composite truss bridge

Saruta River Bridge and Tomoe River Bridge are PC continuous rigid frame composite truss bridges on the New Tomei Expressway. The main span length is the longest in the world for composite truss bridge and combination of composite truss and frame structure is the first in the world.
Safety of structure including newly developed joint structure was verified by various analysis and tests for the previously constructed westbound line. More cost reduction was realized in the eastbound line by reduction of main truss members compared to the westbound line.

  • SummarySarutaRiverBridgeandTomoeRiverBridgearePCcontinuousrigidframecompositetrussbridgesontheNewTomeiExpressway.Themainspanlengthisthelongestintheworldforcompositetrussbridgeandcombinationofcompositetrussandframestructureisthefirstintheworld.<br/>Safetyofstructureincludingnewlydevelopedjointstructurewasverifiedbyvariousanalysisandtestsforthepreviouslyconstructedwestboundline.Morecostreductionwasrealizedintheeastboundlinebyreductionofmaintrussmemberscomparedtothewestboundline.
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