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Works:Civil Engineering

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Hime River Bridge

2007 JPCEA award (Outstanding Structures Award)2007 JPCEA award (Outstanding Structures Award)
LocationItoigawa City, Niigata Prefecture
OwnerJapan Railway Construction, Transport and Technology Agency
SpecsBridge Length: 462.0m
Span: 57.0m+69.0m
Width: 13.3m
Structural type7-span PC fin back bridge

Hime River Bridge is on the Hokuriku Shinkansen and the first fin back bridge on Shinkansen lines in Japan. The profile of the bridge blends in the surroundings and the neighboring viaduct as well as the mountains in the back.
Full scale test was carried out to check constructability of the massive girder. Because of vicinity to shoreline, waterproof paint was provided to the all surface of the bridge concrete for salt damage prevention.

  • SummaryHimeRiverBridgeisontheHokurikuShinkansenandthefirstfinbackbridgeonShinkansenlinesinJapan.Theprofileofthebridgeblendsinthesurroundingsandtheneighboringviaductaswellasthemountainsintheback.<br/>Fullscaletestwascarriedouttocheckconstructabilityofthemassivegirder.Becauseofvicinitytoshoreline,waterproofpaintwasprovidedtotheallsurfaceofthebridgeconcreteforsaltdamageprevention.
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