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Works:Civil Engineering

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Sugitani River Bridge

2007 JPCEA award (Outstanding Structures Award)2007 JPCEA award (Outstanding Structures Award)
LocationKoka City, Shiga Prefecture
OwnerWest Nippon Expressway Company Limited
SpecsBridge Length: 445.39m
Span: 49.09m+3x79.0m+94.0m
Width: 11.46m
Structural type6-span corrugated steel web PC box girder bridge

Sugitani River Bridge (Westbound) is a 6-span corrugated steel web PC box girder bridge on New Meishin Expressway. It was constructed by balanced cantilever method. One of newly applied construction technologies is to make steel flanges continuous by connecting each member by splice plates. Precast panels are placed on the bottom steel flanges, which eliminated bottom slab formworks for cantilever construction.
The combination of continuous steel flanges and new travelers makes it possible to streamline works on cantilevers and greatly reduces construction period as well as improves durability.

  • SummarySugitaniRiverBridge(Westbound)isa6-spancorrugatedsteelwebPCboxgirderbridgeonNewMeishinExpressway.Itwasconstructedbybalancedcantilevermethod.Oneofnewlyappliedconstructiontechnologiesistomakesteelflangescontinuousbyconnectingeachmemberbyspliceplates.Precastpanelsareplacedonthebottomsteelflanges,whicheliminatedbottomslabformworksforcantileverconstruction.<br/>Thecombinationofcontinuoussteelflangesandnewtravelersmakesitpossibletostreamlineworksoncantileversandgreatlyreducesconstructionperiodaswellasimprovesdurability.
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