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Works:Civil Engineering

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Kamishima Bridge

2006 JPCEA award (Construction Technology Award)2006 JPCEA award (Construction Technology Award)
LocationKasaoka City, Okayama Prefecture
SpecsBridge length: 170.0m
Width: (Before widening) 8.30m (After widening) 10.00m
Structural type3-span continuous PC box girder bridge

Kamishima Bridge connects two islands; Kamishima and Yokoshima. It was constructed in 1970 as the first precast segmental balanced cantilever bridge in Japan.
The original 0.750m narrow walkway over water and increasing vehicle traffic had been raising issue concerning safety to pedestrians and needs to widen the structure. In this project, the top deck was widened and reinforcement was added to the girder, slab as well as bearings to satisfactorily bear increased traffic and self-weight. The reinforcement technologies were highly assessed.

  • SummaryKamishimaBridgeconnectstwoislands;KamishimaandYokoshima.Itwasconstructedin1970asthefirstprecastsegmentalbalancedcantileverbridgeinJapan.<br/>Theoriginal0.750mnarrowwalkwayoverwaterandincreasingvehicletraffichadbeenraisingissueconcerningsafetytopedestriansandneedstowidenthestructure.Inthisproject,thetopdeckwaswidenedandreinforcementwasaddedtothegirder,slabaswellasbearingstosatisfactorilybearincreasedtrafficandself-weight.Thereinforcementtechnologieswerehighlyassessed.
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