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Works:Civil Engineering

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Fuji River Bridge

2004 Tanaka Award by Japan Society of Civil Engineers2004 Tanaka Award by Japan Society of Civil Engineers
2004 JPCEA awards (Outstanding Structures Award)2004 JPCEA awards (Outstanding Structures Award)
LocationIhara County - Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture
OwnerJapan Highway Public Corporation
SpecsBridge length: (Eastbound) 365.0m, (Westbound) 381.0m
Span: 265.0m
Arch rise: 6.5
Width: 16.5m
Structural typeSteel concrete composite arch bridge

Composite structure of double steel girders with precast prestressed concrete slab are used for the deck structure on the cast-in-place concrete arch. Prestressed concrete slab consists of large scale precast panels which are 17.68m wide and 8.34 to 9.45m long, about 1700kN per panel) which were installed by special self launching equipment.

  • SummaryCompositestructureofdoublesteelgirderswithprecastprestressedconcreteslabareusedforthedeckstructureonthecast-in-placeconcretearch.Prestressedconcreteslabconsistsoflargescaleprecastpanelswhichare17.68mwideand8.34to9.45mlong,about1700kNperpanel)whichwereinstalledbyspecialselflaunchingequipment.
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