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Works:Civil Engineering

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Sou River Bridge

2004 JPCEA awards (R&D Award)2004 JPCEA awards (R&D Award)
LocationKaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture
OwnerIshikawa Prefecture
SpecsBridge length: 23.9m
Span: 23.1m
Width: 12.764 to 13.927m
Structural typeCorrugated steel web pretensioned T-shaped girder bridge

Sou River Bridge is the world first corrugated steel web pretensioned T-shaped girder bridge located in Sou Town, Minami-Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture.
Corrugated steel web replaces concrete web of conventional pretensioned concrete T-shaped girder. It increases flange width without increasing weight of a girder compared to conventional girder, that reduces the number of girders used in a bridge and overall weight of superstructure. About 6% cost reduction was accomplished compared to conventional pretensioned concrete T-shaped girder bridge in the project. It also reduced weight of superstructure as much as about 20%.

  • SummarySouRiverBridgeistheworldfirstcorrugatedsteelwebpretensionedT-shapedgirderbridgelocatedinSouTown,Minami-KagaCity,IshikawaPrefecture.<br/>CorrugatedsteelwebreplacesconcretewebofconventionalpretensionedconcreteT-shapedgirder.Itincreasesflangewidthwithoutincreasingweightofagirdercomparedtoconventionalgirder,thatreducesthenumberofgirdersusedinabridgeandoverallweightofsuperstructure.About6%costreductionwasaccomplishedcomparedtoconventionalpretensionedconcreteT-shapedgirderbridgeintheproject.Italsoreducedweightofsuperstructureasmuchasabout20%.
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