President Takuya Mori
P. S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd.
Takuya Mori

As of May 2019, our group company has established its long term business vision for the next 10 years. In order to put this vision into realization, the fundamental business policy and strategy has been formulated and established in the form of &quat;medium term business management plan 2019&quat;. The realization of the strategy outlook on which &quat;Bolstering the underlying foundation for revenue stream boost and expanding the outreach on cutting edge growing sector - large scale update, maintenance, precast material for architecture, and overseas business&quat; would be the main focus. This would require all relevant stakeholders and variable to align together on a level playing field in maintaining sustainable growth and to add value to the corporation itself, which would be the principle aim.
Moving forward, our group corporation would continue to pursue and engage in innovative technology development in order to deliver a better infrastructure for the society while embracing &quat;contributing and creating a splendorous environment where a human and nature can co-exist in harmony&quat; as our fundamental principle, flexibly coping to the ever-changing external variable and environment, and continue to proactively engaged in shaping our society into a sustainable circular society. Finally, along with the production output increase through the implementation of digital transformation, we will also continue to promote change in working policy into two days off of a week system and ultimately set our sight into becoming a distinctive and engaging corporation.