Corporate Outline

P. S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd.

Since our establishment in 1952, P.S. Mitsubishi Construction has achieved many achievements in various construction works as the first pioneer of Japan in the field of prestressed concrete technology.

Due to the recognition of the superiority of our technology in the field, we are developing our business while maintaining our unique presence in the fiercely competitive construction industry as one of the leading PC general contractors in Japan.

Name P. S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd.
Head offices Harumi Center Bldg. 3F, 2-5-24, Harumi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8215
Established March 1st 1952
Capital 4,218,500,000 yen
Listing First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Business Areas
  1. 1Contract, planning, design and construction management of prestressed concrete construction works
  2. 2Contract, planning, design and construction management of civil engineering and building construction works
  3. 3Business concerning maintenance and repair of civil engineering and building structures
  4. 4Manufacture and sales of prestressed concrete products, pre-cast concrete products, production and sales of their manufacturing tools and attachments
  5. 5Design, manufacture, sales and leasing of machines, equipments and apparatuses for prestressed concrete construction and other construction works
  6. 6Mineral mining and contracts
  7. 7Purchase, sales, leasing, brokerage, ownership and management of real estate
  8. 8Freight and storage business
  9. 9Agency of liability insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance complying to the Automobile Liability Security Law
  10. 10All business operations related to the above all
Constructors license Minister of Land Infrastructure and Transport Designated Construction Business (toku-24) No.1271
Real Estate Development Transaction Permit Minister of Land Infrastructure and Transport (3) No.6332
Construction Consultant Registration Ken No 29-10495
Surveyor Company Registration Registration No. (1)-35285
Registered First Class Architecture Offices
  • Tokyo Governor Registration No.52905
  • Tokyo Governor Registration No.49669
  • Miyagi Governor Registration No.09810073
  • Aichi Governor Registration (i-24) No.10303
  • Osaka Governor Registration (ha) No.19191
  • Hiroshima Governor Registration 07 (1) No.3762
  • Fukuoka Governor Registration No.1-12072