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Directors & AuditorsName
President and Representative DirectorTakuya Mori
Vice President and Representative DirectorOsamu Kuramoto
Representative DirectorNoboru Imura
Director and Senior AdvisorToshimichi Fujii
DirectorYasushi Koyama
DirectorKouzou Mishima
Director※Kazuhiro Kishi
Director※Yuichi Sano
Director※Yukimasa Nakano
Audit and Supervisory Board Member※Hiroshi Asakura
Audit and Supervisory Board Member※Kazuki Mizushima
Audit and Supervisory Board MemberShinichi Masaki
※Outside Director・Outside Audit and Supervisory Board Member
Executive OfficersName
※President and Chief Executive OfficerTakuya Mori
※Executive Vice PresidentOsamu Kuramoto
※Senior Managing Executive OfficerNoboru Imura
※Managing Executive OfficerYasushi Koyama
※Managing Executive OfficerKouzou Mishima
Managing Executive OfficerToshirou Kawahara
Managing Executive OfficerHideyuki Mitsuta
Managing Executive OfficerOsamu Morishima
Executive OfficerHiroyuki Fujihara
Executive OfficerKatsuhiko Kangawa
Executive OfficerYoshiyuki Miyaoka
Executive OfficerTakashi Masaya
Executive OfficerMichikazu Tahara
Executive OfficerMitsuo Sakurabayashi
※Indicates post concurrently with Director

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