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Civil Engineering Technology


Prestressed Concrete Jetty
Prestressed Concrete Jetty
Prestressted Concrete Jetty consists of precast PC girders, pile foundation and stringers. It is used in a rigid frame structure which consists of precast girders and stringers. Precast PC girders realize not only a structure which is crack proof, but also low permeability against corrosives such as chloride ion by increasing concrete cover using high quality concrete. PDF
Prestressed Concrete Floating Structure
Prestressed Concrete Floating Structure
Prestressed Concrete Floating Structure can be constructed to create bridges, breakwaters, piers and docks, storage facilities, wind and solar power plants. It can be constructed by joining the necessary number of floating units together using prestressed concrete technology. PDF


Prestressed Concrete Sheet Pile
Prestressed Concrete Sheet Pile
Prestressed Concrete Sheet Piles can be effectively used for port structure, river revetment, sewerage, earth retaining walls, basements and many other uses and has been developed as a substitute for steel sheet piles. Free from rust and corrosion, it is applicable even in marine construction projects and in severe corrosion environments. PDF


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