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Civil Engineering Technology


PC Tank
PC Tank
Because prestressing force is provided to a vertical direction and a circumferential direction using high quality concrete and high strength prestressing steel, safety, water tightness, and durability of the tank structure is excellent.
Flexible design is possible and it can satisfy variegated needs such as a water tank, a silo, and a LNG tank.


Egg Shaped Digester
Egg Shaped Digester
In the process of sewage disposal, sewage treatment has been an important issue. Increased efficiency of sewage treatment is enabled by using an egg shape digestion tank. Egg shape makes sewage treatment efficient and helps solve problems of treatment cost and repository site. PDF
PC Water Pond
PC Water Pond
Because of integrated structure realized by prestressing joints of deck slab and side walls which are PC elements themselves, high water tightness and durability is provided to the water storage structure.
PC structure makes structural members thin and excels in bending resilience. It also flexibly corresponds to differential settlement in a place where foundation conditions are not great. It also simplifies the foundation.


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