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About the P. S. Mitsubishi Construction Co., Ltd. Privacy Policy and Private Information

This company handles the personal information of customers appropriately and according to the "Policy Regarding the Protection of Private Information". For details please refer to the below articles.

Policy Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

This company realizes the importance of personal information and believes that the suitable protection of data is this company's social responsibility. We strictly observe all laws and standards applying to personal information, and as well as ensuring all our employees are thoroughly aware of privacy issues, we also implement the below, and endeavor to maintain and constantly improve standards.

  1. 1This company will strictly observe all laws and standards regarding privacy of information. We will designate a responsible representative in each department, ensure each representative will take the proper measures, and so strive to protect personal data.
  2. 2Whenever it is necessary to gather and use personal information, this company will ensure that the individuals in question are notified and their consent is received. Any information we use will be acquired by legitimate and fair means. Further, we will use personal information in the way stated at the time of collection and refrain from utilizing it for other purposes.
  3. 3This company will maintain accurate and up-to-date personal data, and in order to manage the data in a safe fashion take the necessary and appropriate security measures to avoid illegal access, loss, damage, falsification and leaks.
  4. 4Except in special circumstances where the law determines otherwise, this company will never pass on personal data to a third party without the consent of the individual in question. Further, in cases where in performing our business we must entrust the handling of personal data to a third party, we will, through contractual obligation for example, stipulate that the third party also acts appropriately according to our policy.
  5. 5We will maintain an enquiries desk to deal with personal data submittals, corrections and deletion requests from individuals involved. We will also field complaints and hold consultations regarding personal information, and do our sincere best to respond to requests.

January 2011
P. S. Mitsubishi
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