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Civil Engineering Technology


Cast In Place PC Pavement
Cast In Place PC Pavement
PC Pavement is a pavement structure which has high durability, and is excellent in crack resistance and resilience against deflection provided by installation of prestressing force.
Application to difficult situations to repair pavement such as an intersection in an urban-area, a tunnel, as well as an airport apron taxi way, a port container yard in which service load condition is severe, is effective and suitable for especially large-scale construction.


Precast PC Pavement
Precast PC Pavement
Precast Prestressed Concrete Pavement offers high durability and high strength. It is used both for new construction and for replacement of pavement in such places as road intersections, tunnels, runway, taxiway, container yards, where high durability and/or high strength are required and future repair works should be minimum level. Expedited construction saves tremendous costs to the users where impact of traffic interruption is significant. PDF
Lift Up Method
Lift Up Method
It is a remedial method of concrete pavement which receives differential amount of settlement. Pavement panels are raised up with a hydraulic jack, and the raised position is maintained by pouring grout under the panels without replacing or overlaying.
Because of the computer controlled jacking up system, laborsaving and more efficient high construction accuracy is secured. The work can be performed by night work without interrupting service.


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