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Works:Civil Engineering

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Ayase River Mito Bridge

2011 JPCEA award (R&D Award)2011 JPCEA award (R&D Award)
LocationKatsushika Ward, Tokyo Prefecture
OwnerKoutou Water Control Office, Tokyo Metropolitan Government
SpecsLength: 39.7m Span: 38.7m
Width: 6.0m roadway + 3.0m walkway + 1.5m balcony
Structural typeCorrugated steel web post-tensioned T-girder bridge

Ayase River Mito Bridge crosses Ayase River and is located in Katsushika ward, Tokyo. It is a post-tensioned T-girder bridge using corrugated steel web. Corrugated steel web replaces concrete web of conventional post-tensioned concrete T-girders, and reduces self-weight of the girders. It contributes to reduction of depth-span ratio and reduction of the number of girders necessary in the design.
P.S. Mitsubishi carried through various technical studies regarding design, production and erection, and realized the world first post-tensioned T-girder bridge using corrugated steel web.

  • SummaryAyaseRiverMitoBridgecrossesAyaseRiverandislocatedinKatsushikaward,Tokyo.Itisapost-tensionedT-girderbridgeusingcorrugatedsteelweb.Corrugatedsteelwebreplacesconcretewebofconventionalpost-tensionedconcreteT-girders,andreducesself-weightofthegirders.Itcontributestoreductionofdepth-spanratioandreductionofthenumberofgirdersnecessaryinthedesign.<br/>P.S.Mitsubishicarriedthroughvarioustechnicalstudiesregardingdesign,productionanderection,andrealizedtheworldfirstpost-tensionedT-girderbridgeusingcorrugatedsteelweb.
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