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Works:Civil Engineering

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Katano Viaduct

2010 JPCEA awards (Outstanding Accomplishments for Constructions Award)2010 JPCEA awards (Outstanding Accomplishments for Constructions Award)
LocationKatano City, Osaka Prefecture
OwnerWest Nippon Expressway Company Limited
SpecsBridge Length:
(Highway) 1507.5m
(Public Road) 1157.7m + 1164.3m
(17spans) 36.55m + 2x43.50m + 4x37.00m + 2x43.50m + 3x41.50m + 4x37.5 m + 38.25m
(Highway) 13.66m + 13,78m
(Public Road) 6.50m + 6.50m
Structural type(Highway) 6+17+14 span continuous PC box girder bridge
(Public Road) 17+12 span continuous PC box girder bridge

Katano Viaduct is a 1508m PC box girder bridge on the Second Keihan Expressway and is located in Katano City, Osaka.
It was constructed by span-by-span method and precast segments were produced by short line match casting at a precast factory. Construction of substructure was delayed due to investigation of old remains and the following construction of superstructure was under very tight schedule constraint.
The joint venture successfully reduced construction period by four months by adopting launching girders that erected two parallel box girders and creative construction of segments on scaffolding.

  • SummaryKatanoViaductisa1508mPCboxgirderbridgeontheSecondKeihanExpresswayandislocatedinKatanoCity,Osaka.<br/>Itwasconstructedbyspan-by-spanmethodandprecastsegmentswereproducedbyshortlinematchcastingataprecastfactory.Constructionofsubstructurewasdelayedduetoinvestigationofoldremainsandthefollowingconstructionofsuperstructurewasunderverytightscheduleconstraint.<br/>Thejointventuresuccessfullyreducedconstructionperiodbyfourmonthsbyadoptinglaunchinggirdersthaterectedtwoparallelboxgirdersandcreativeconstructionofsegmentsonscaffolding.
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