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Works:Civil Engineering

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2006 JPCEA awards (R&D Award)2006 JPCEA awards (R&D Award)
LocationKurume City, Fukuoka Prefecture
SpecsHeight: 40m
Diameter at bottom: 1.167m
Diameter at top: 0.500m
Average thickness: 0.173m
PC bars: D26mm (SBPR930 / 1180)
Structural typePole structure using 120N/mm2 ultra high strength fiber reinforced mortar (cell phone antenna pole)

This 40m high cell phone antenna pole was constructed using DUCSS Pole, a pole structure which used 120N/mm2 design strength ultra high strength fiber reinforced mortar.
Ducss Mortar has much denser hardened structure than conventional concrete. It offers high durability in such a harsh environment as effected by airborne salt and reduces life cycle cost.
Ducss Poles use highly strong, highly durable materials. It realizes slender shape compared to steel poles, which offers improvement of durability, landscape and economy.

  • SummaryThis40mhighcellphoneantennapolewasconstructedusingDUCSSPole,apolestructurewhichused120N/mm2designstrengthultrahighstrengthfiberreinforcedmortar.<br/>DucssMortarhasmuchdenserhardenedstructurethanconventionalconcrete.Itoffershighdurabilityinsuchaharshenvironmentaseffectedbyairbornesaltandreduceslifecyclecost.<br/>DucssPolesusehighlystrong,highlydurablematerials.Itrealizesslendershapecomparedtosteelpoles,whichoffersimprovementofdurability,landscapeandeconomy.
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