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Works:Civil Engineering

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Nakashinden Viaduct

2009 JPCEA award (R&D Award)2009 JPCEA award (R&D Award)
LocationEbina City, Kanagawa Prefecture
OwnerCentral Nippon Expressway Company Limited
SpecsBridge length:
958m+ 991m
(Second Viaduct)
(Third Viaduct)
Width: 11.400 to 21.050m
Structural type9-span + 17-span continuous PC bow girder bridges with pretensioned precast web

Nakashinden Viaduct uses pretensioned web in a large scale to reduce labors as well as construction period. About 4,000 pretensioned web panels were produced by long-line method in a factory. It is the world first pretensioned web bridge cast on scaffolding. New production and construction technologies were developed to successfully build it.

  • SummaryNakashindenViaductusespretensionedwebinalargescaletoreducelaborsaswellasconstructionperiod.About4,000pretensionedwebpanelswereproducedbylong-linemethodinafactory.Itistheworldfirstpretensionedwebbridgecastonscaffolding.Newproductionandconstructiontechnologiesweredevelopedtosuccessfullybuildit.
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